The Lead Type Library allows users the ability to preview and choose from many different Lead Types used in the LeadExec system. This will assist users looking to start buying and selling new types of leads but are unsure of what fields to capture!

  1. To begin, click on the 'Settings' section located on the top bar of LeadExec

2. Click 'Lead Types' located on the left navigation bar inside of LeadExec

3.Click 'New' to pull up the Lead Type Library window.

4.Select the Industry that of the Lead Type you wish to create. ( You can also Search for a term in the Search box!)

Figure 1. Use the Industry Section on the left to assist you in locating the Lead Type you wish to use.

5. LeadExec will load all Lead Types tied to the Industry type you select. Select a Lead Type and preview the fields to make sure that it fits exactly what you are looking for.

Figure 3. Selecting a lead type will pull up all fields tied to it for you to preview.

6. Once you have found the Lead Type you wish to use click 'Create' this will pop up the Lead Type Editor.

7. Once you make sure the Lead Type description and Industry are set to your liking click 'Save' you are now ready to use this Lead Type!

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