Note: Prior to setting up your form to work with TCPA you will need to make sure you follow the steps to enable TCPA and set up your Lead Type to work with TCPA.

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When setting up your form to work with TCPA there are some important things to keep in mind!

You need to ensure that your form is set to collect the following fields.

  • Full name of the lead - this field is usually split up into a first name and last name, that will work as well

  • Phone - Callable number of the lead

  • IP Address - This field is very important to be able to use all of the TCPA features

  • Consent - this can be a yes or no field or even a check box

In order to tie LeadExec TCPA feature you will need to input our TCPA Form Script in order for us to capture the correct information.

To generate your form script follow these steps:

  1. Click Lead Source

  2. Select the Lead Source that you want tied to your form

  3. Select the Campaign that you want tied to your form

  4. Click Quality/TCPA Options

  5. Under the TCPA Form Consent Text click Generate Form Script

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