Q. Does the solution allow you to edit consent text for different lead sources?

A. Yes, you can set the consent text by lead source. If you require different consent language by lead source, each source can be configured to have specific consent language.

More information regarding configuration can be found from the following series of articles.

Q. Do you have to have a screen shot of the form?

A. Yes, with recent updates to the TCPA verification system, screenshots are automatically captured and stored.

Q. Are you capturing analytic data?

A. Yes, we capture time on site, operating machine, keyword, and URL and match it to an IPAddress.

Q. Can you reject leads that have mobile present?

A. Yes, you can in fact reject mobile leads.

Q. Can you delivery if the lead is mobile, verified, etc?

A. Yes, we delivery all of the TCPA fields.

Q. Can you show what buyers are present?

A. Yes, on the form and through double opt-in email and confirmation email. I. If double opt-in is turned on you get a verification date as well.

Q. Can you print and send the certificate?

A. Yes, you can print the certificates on each lead. You can do this by opening the lead and clicking "Print TCPA Information" on the lead detail screen.

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