The TCPA feature inside of LeadExec will handle the majority of the set up for your Lead Type. However, there are still some settings inside of your Lead Type that are required to be set up manually.

These settings include adding fields and enabling TCPA on the lead types desired. To enable TCPA on your lead type:

  1. Click on "Settings"

  2. Click "TCPA Options"

  3. Select "Yes" Under the "Enable TCPA Information Screens" option

  4. Select the lead type that you wish to configure with TCPA and click "Configure" this will place a green check in place of the configure button letting you know its set up.

  5. From with in this section LeadExec also recommends setting up your website analytics and double opt in these two features work hand in hand with TCPA to get you the most out of your leads.

For more information on setting up analytics Click Here.
Fore more information on setting up Double Opt in Click Here.

Along with the steps above it is necessary to make sure you have the required fields set up inside of your lead type to ensure all TCPA information is captured correctly. The fields that need to be added to your Lead Type are:

  • First Name - This is a Text field that will be tied to the First Name system field

  • Last Name - This is a Text Field that will be tied to the Last Name system field

  • Primary Phone - This is a Phone Number field that will be tied to the IsMobile system field allowing LeadExec to Check if this is the persons Mobile Number.

  • IP Address - This is a Text field that will be tied to the IP Address system field

  • Consent - This is a Yes/No Field tied to the Consent system field this will allow LeadExec to work with the code generated from the campaign section and input on your form to capture if the lead has given consent to be contacted.

To tie these fields to the corresponding system fields you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Settings section with in your LeadExec Account

  2. Select Lead Types on the left hand side

  3. Select the Lead Type you will be applying these changes to and click "Open"

  4. Open up the field you are wanting to tie to its system field under the System Field section choose the system field that best matches the field you are editing

Once you have finished with all of your fields LeadExec will be able to capture and display all TCPA information correctly.

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