Double Opt-In allows you to send an email to your lead to ensure that they want to be contacted by an agent or client when entering the system.

To set up your Double Opt In templates, click on the Settings tab

Select Lead Verification.

Items of Interest on this Page:

  • System Enabled – This tells the system whether or not you want to use the Double Opt In functionality.

  • Confirmation URL – This URL will be the URL the lead is directed too if the lead chooses to opt in.

  • Enable SSL – This will enable SSL encryption on your particular URL provided it is already SSL secured.

  • Double Opt in Templates – are the templates your lead will see and or be directed too based on the actions listed.


Each Lead Type will be assigned its own Template.

  • Double-Opt in Template - This is the Email Sent to the lead that will show them whether or not they want to opt in.

  • Double Opt-In Landing Pages - This Is the page your lead will see when they accept the Double Opt-In Email

  • Double Opt out Landing Pages - This is the page shown if your lead decides to opt-out

Click Edit to change any of the template you have listed.

  • The Template will show you a list of all the system fields that you can add to your HTML template.

  • The From Email will show your lead where the email came from

  • The Subject Line will determine the subject of your email

  • The Template has to be written in HTML. Click on the Preview tab to show what your HTML email looks like.

You also have the ability to upload files, such as images in order to link them in your HTML

Note: All editors are the same, they just have different functions.

Double Opt In Preview

Double Opt In landing page

The landing page is the page the lead will be redirect too if the lead selects the opt in feature on the opt In email. You can also see the preview for this email as well.

Opt Out Email

The opt out Email will be the email shown if the lead decides to opt out of the program. You can also preview the template by clicking on preview.

Once the Templates are set up, you must now go to your campaigns to enable them for double opt-in use.

Setting Up Double Opt-in

To set up Double Opt-In for use, click on the Lead Sources Tab

Select a lead Source, and click Modify Campaigns.

On the Campaign Screen click Edit.

In the Campaign Setup menu click on Additional Options.

Scroll down until you can see Double Opt In

Set the Option to Yes and click Save. By default setting the campaign to Yes will use the templates you created under your settings section of LeadExec.

Note: You can customize the email templates for this particular campaign by setting the options to “yes” under each particular item. This will change the emails and landing pages for this campaign only.

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