When setting up a new lead source and/or client, you will sometimes need to verify that the information entering the system and delivering is correctly passing through LeadExec.

First, go to the Lead Source tab in your LeadExec system and open the lead source and the corresponding campaign that you wish to receive information from.

Go to lead sources, then list
Select a lead source and modify its campaigns.

Once in the Campaign Setup menu, go to Lead Forms on the left side menu.

Go to lead forms.

Here you can add a new form, as well as edit or delete a form by clicking on its corresponding button in the menu.

Add, edit or delete a form.

If you already have a form to use, simply click on the Show URL button which will pop up the Form URL menu. Click on Open URL or Copy URL to access the lead form in your browser.

Click show URL
Form URL appears.

Once the form has opened in your browser, fill in the information.

Note: Make sure that you check your posting instructions and/or lead type for any required fields and criteria before filling out the form, particularly if you are planning on testing delivery to your client.

Once you have filled out the form and submitted it, you should see a "Information Submitted Successfully" banner across the top of the page.

Now you can verify the lead entered the system by going to the Leads tab and searching for leads under the lead type for that lead source.

A new lead appears.

Now you can open the lead and check the delivery of the lead.

Checking the send information.
Opening the lead.
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