Geolocation is an excellent way to order your distribution to clients based on a client's location to the location of the lead. The distribution of this automation type will use the zip code entered into the client's contact information under the Address Information section to distribute leads with zip codes closest to the client.

Client screen
Client address information

Geolocation is a great option if you are delivering to a specific branch for a client or focusing distribution on a particular region,

You can adjust your automation setting in the Settings tab under Distribution Options.

Setting delivery automation to geolocation

This can be used as a primary and a secondary automation type. In the event that multiple clients have the same zip code, the system will default to the secondary automation for distribution.

For example, if the primary automation is geolocation and the system determines that Client A and Client B both can take the lead because they have the same zip code, the system will then use the secondary automation to determine the distribution. So, if the secondary automation type is price, once the primary automation is null, the secondary automation kicks in and determines the order based on which client would pay more for the lead.. However, if the system determines that Client A and Client B will both pay the same amount for the lead, then the system is unable to determine the proper order since both clients are equally viable for the lead. At that point, the system goes off the date the client was added to the system. 

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