Dynamic IVR – We have just released a new feature which gives you the ability to track the origin of your phone originated leads. The solution uses a combination of analytic information such as search referrer like Google or Yahoo to generate a promotional code for each caller to enter when they first dial the number on your landing page or form. The promo code will then tie to the various search referrers and allow you to see where your in-bound calls are coming from.

The promo code is placed onto your website like a normal analytic code, please refer to the article below on installing your analytic code.

With the Analytic tracker placed onto your web form your users will now be able to enter in a unique code when dialing into your 800 number, for example:

When the number is dialed the first prompt will be to enter the promo code shown next your 800 or local number provided on your landing page. Once the promo code is entered the lead details will now contain the following analytic data.

  1. Visit Date - The date the page was visited

  2. IP Address - The IP address of the user

  3. URL - URL visited

  4. Total Time on site - Amount of time on website

  5. Referring Site - The site the user was originally on before being directed to the URL

  6. Search Term - Only applicable if used

  7. First Visit - Tracks if the user was on the site at an earlier time.

  8. Location Information - Not applicable unless 411 is enabled on the IVR.

  9. Pages viewed - Shows the progress of the lead as it navigated to your website.

The IVR will then proceed to run like normal and complete your calls. In order to set up your IVR script, please contact your clickpointsoftware account manager to start the process, custom recordings may take additional time, and a statement of work will be required in order to begin working on your IVR.

please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns

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