This article will help users who are unable to install or update to the latest version of LeadExec by downloading a zip file, using Windows Explorer you can extract these files to begin the process of updating or installing LeadExec. Once the following steps have been completed LeadExec will be installed to your machine. Please contact with any questions or concerns.

  1. To begin, please go to the following URL:

  2. If any problems occur during this process, please uninstall any version of LeadExec on your machine before attempting this again.

Note: When downloading the file you may be notified that it could harm your machine. Select Keep to continue.

2. Open the .zip file using your program of choice.

3. Extract all files to your desktop with its own folder. Name the folder accordingly so it can be found easily

Figure 1. Using WinRAR to extract archive contents.

4.Open the folder and run the LeadExec application file.

Figure 2.
Browsing LeadExec installation folder.

5. When a prompt asking for install appears, select install.

Figure 3.
Installing LeadExec.

6. The application will begin to install the files. Once completed you will be able to launch LeadExec like normal.

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