Exclusive groups are used to allow a lead source campaign to deliver to a specific set of clients. Once an exclusive group is created, the LeadExec user can then assign clients to that group. This is very common in web forms that need to be directed to a single location.

You can setup exclusive groups in your LeadExec system under the Lead Sources tab. Go to the Exclusive Groups option in the menu. You can add, edit, and delete exclusive groups here.

Navigate to exclusive groups under lead sources.

To add a new group, click the New button in the menu. This will open the exclusive group details menu.

Exclusive group details menu.

After you name your group, click the Add button to assign clients to that group.

Assign a client to this group.

Now that you have set up your exclusive group, you will need to apply it to the campaign.

To apply an exclusive group to a campaign, go to the Lead Source tab and open the desired lead source. Go to the Source Campaigns option and open the desired campaign. Then click on Additional Options at the bottom of the left side menu. Once on that screen, find the Exclusive Options section.

Navigate to the exclusive options setting under additional options

Turn this setting on by choosing "Yes" in the left side drop down and choosing your desired group in the right side drop down.

Select yes under exclusive options and select a client.

Now, when a lead is received from a lead source tied to that group, the system will only deliver to one client located within that group and will ignore all other clients located in the system.

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