LeadExec allows the ability to bypass the distribution system and target a specific client for delivery. For example, if you have a contact form that needs to deliver to a direct client, however, you have other leads coming in that get delivered based on complex criteria.

One way to handle this is setting up exclusive groups.

You can also setup a Force ID that will tell the system to go to that direct client.

To set this up, you would first go into your lead type and create a field called ForceID, be sure to set the system field to ForceID as this tells LeadExec to use this field for that purpose.

Lead field editor options

Once you have created the lead field, you need to tell LeadExec which client field to run this off of. By default the system uses the client ID as the force ID. Meaning if you send in the client ID in the ForceID field this will target that specific client. But you can run the force ID off any client field. For example, if your form system has specific IDs that you need to map in LeadExec, you can request that ClickPoint support create a custom client field called form ID on the client record. This would allow you to use that specific ID from your form and map it to a client within LeadExec.

If you are using client ID then the next step is not required.

To select a specific client field to be used as the force ID, go to Settings, then Clients. Once there you can update the dropdown with the field you want to map to the incoming force ID value.

After you have configured your lead field, and mapped your delivery force ID to a client field (if needed). If you send in a lead with the mapped value or client ID, the system will target that specific client.

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