LeadExec gives users the ability to import a list of customers that have received your direct mailers into the system. The Direct Mail File Manager requires users to create a lead source and campaign for leads to be uploaded.

How to Upload Direct Mailer Lists

First, you will need to make sure that your file meets the necessary requirements. The Direct Mail File Manager can accept CSV and Excel files. It can also load over 1MM rows. Always make sure that there are no blank columns in the headers or irregular formatting in the cells. Lastly, always make sure that the Reference Code column has values and that there are no duplicates

Once the file has been reviewed for upload, go to Lead Sources > Direct Mail File Manager and click the Upload button

"Direct Mail File Manager" menu button.

This will open the New Direct Mail File window in your system. You will be on the Select File section. Here you will select your local file for upload. Under the Mail Campaign dropdown, you will choose an existing direct mail campaign or enter a new one. Next you will choose the lead type you set up or are currently using for this direct mail campaign.

Click the ‘Browse’ button to locate the file in your computer. Note: Make sure that the file is no longer open on your desktop or it could cause the file to not upload properly.

After this, you can click the Next button on the lower right hand side of the window.

" New Direct Mail File " window.

You will now be mapping the column headers in the Map File Columns section. The system will attempt to automatically match the file columns with the appropriate lead file. Always make sure to double check the mappings to ensure that the system has interpreted the mapping correctly. If you are missing a field or do not need to map it, simply choose the Do Not Import option in the drop down.

Mapping File Column to Lead Fields

If you have any enumerations or drop down values in your file, you will need to map them in this step to make sure that those values are loaded correctly into the system.

Mapping Field Enumerations

Now you are ready to finalize When you click Next the system will upload your file and map it per your lead type and the mapping you indicated in the Map File Columns section. You will see the upload in the Direct Mail File Manager screen in the status of ‘Processing’.

Finalize and Upload File 

Once your upload is complete, the status will change to reflect that.

 Processing the Upload
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