In order to properly use the analytics system inside of LeadExec you will need to make sure that you have an IP Address field on your Lead Type tied to the IP Address system field.

Ensuring that your IP Address field is tied to the IP Address system field:

  1. Click "Settings"

  2. Click "Lead Types" on the left hand side

  3. Select the Lead Type that you are going to be using TCPA for

  4. Locate and select your IP Address field and click "Edit"

  5. Select the "IP Address" option for the system field dropdown

  6. Click "OK"

  7. Click "Save"

To get to your Analytics section:

  1. Click "Settings"

  2. Click "Analytics"

How to add an Analytics profile inside of your LeadExec account.

  1. Click "Add Profile"

  1. Input a Profile Name

  2. Input the site URL that this profile will track

  3. Select if you want to enable IP Location Services

  4. Copy the Site Tracking Code - This code will go on the bottom of your page above the TCPA Consent Code and will allow LeadExec to pull analytic information off of the leads visit

  5. Click "Save"

Once you have the profile added the next step will be to enable the Analytics on the campaign that the site will be posting into.

  1. Click Lead Sources

  2. Select the Lead Source you want to tie to a analytic profile and click "Modify Campaigns"

  3. Select the Campaign that will be tied to the analytic profile and click "Edit"

  4. Click "Website Analytic Profiles"

  5. Toggle the appropriate profile that is to be tied to this campaign.

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