Once you have enabled TCPA and followed the steps on ensuring your lead type is set up for TCPA your next step will be to take the TPCA form script and input it into your site.

This form script will take the consent text input into the TCPA section of your campaign and will display it on your form where you decide to have the consent field. This will also work hand in hand with our analytics script to capture all the information necessary.

TCPA script

To generate the form script to input into your site:

  1. Click Lead Sources

  2. Select the Lead Source you are going to be using for this form and click Modify Campaigns

  3. Select the Campaign that will be receiving leads from your form an click Edit

  4. Click Quality/TCPA Options

  5. Click Generate Form Script

  6. Copy the script and paste it into the bottom of your site.

TCPA script

Once you have this script input into your form you can reference the script on your consent field by referencing its id.

Here is an example of the code above on a live site the consent text is located at the bottom right in the orange bordered area.

TCPA example on live site

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