This screen contains all leads that have been delivered to your clients

Client distribution screen.

From this screen you are able to view:

  • Leads Sent - Leads that have been sent and accepted by your client

  • Leads Read - Leads that have been send to your clients and opened either by clicking on the email link sent or opening the lead inside of the client portal.

  • Leads Not Read - Leads that have been sent to your client however they have not clicked on the email link sent or opened the lead inside of the client portal

  • Leads Returned - Leads that your client has received from you, but has chosen to return.

Client distribution options.

Your options from inside of this screen are:

  • Open Lead - Opens the selected leads details

  • Open Client - Opens the client that the selected lead was delivered to

  • Reassign - This button allows you to search for any eligible clients for this lead and then reassign the lead to them.

  • Resend - Resends the lead to the original client

  • Transfer - Allows the ability to transfer leads between Clients

  • Return - Allows you to return the selected lead back to your LeadExec account.You will be asked to confirm your selection. You will then be asked to give a reason for the return for tracking purposes. Once you have given the reason the system will prompt you to see if you would like this lead returned back to the Lead Source

  • Export.

  • Call Details - If this lead has any call information this will allow you to see all of the details.

  • Listen to Call - If this lead has a recording you will be able to replay the recording as necessary.

  • Quick Filters - This screen allows you to choose from a set of predetermined filters to allow you to view the information you desire.Figure 4. Quick Filters.

  • Show Response - Displays the response details that LeadExec received when the lead was sent to your client

  • Show Request - Displays delivery request sent over to your client for each lead.


Transfer button.

Step 1. Select the client from the drop down list and click Next.

Step 2. Select the client's delivery account.

Step 3. You can select whether or not you would like this lead to apply towards the new clients order

Step 4. You have the ability to actually send the lead via the clients delivery method or just track it in the system as a delivery.

Step 5. Review the Transfer Information and click Transfer.

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