Step 1: Click on Settings (see Figure 1)

Step 2: From the listing on the left, select Billing (see figure 2)

Figure 1.
Navigating to the Settings tab.

Figure 2. Select Billing.

Billing Preferences

Step 1: Enter in your Information for either your Account or PayPal account. Your information will save when clicking on Save Settings

Note: For more information on either of these items please visit or

Figure 3.
Billing Preferences.

Configuring Orders

To successfully use your merchant account, your clients must have orders in place to function properly. First step in creating your order is to open the clients Delivery Account.

  • To do this, click on Clients

  • Select a client from the list

  • Select Delivery Accounts

  • Select an account an account and click Modify

(As Shown in Figure 4) Once inside the account go to Delivery Options, and enable the last dropdown to Yes before clicking Save. (As shown in Figure 5)

Once saved, directly underneath the Delivery Account list, click on Orders to be taken to your order screen

Figure 4.
Navigating to your Delivery Account to modify.

Figure 5.
Requiring an Order and Saving Changes.

Your Order Screen

This screen will show you

  1. Status

  2. Start Date

  3. End Date(If Applicable)

  4. Order Quantity

  5. Order Value

  6. Remaining Items

  7. Renewal Settings

  8. Auto Charge Status ( Yes or No)

Your order screen will show you a list of all your orders, past and present.

To create a new order click Create. (As shown in Figure 6)

Figure 6.
Order screen.

Setting Up Order Details

Figure 7.
Order Details.

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