Email Delivery For Leads

Setting up email delivery is the most common method of setting up a delivery. In order to set up email delivery, you must first ensure that under General Settings you have Email selected.

General settings screen.

Next, ensure that you have default mappings set, under your Field Mappings tab.

Set the default mappings.

Insert your Email Template

Edit template settings.

In the Template Settings you can begin setting the feel of your email template, this will be what your client will receive when an email is sent. The reason you want field mappings is so you can insert those fields into the template simply by clicking on the field name in the left hand column

Email Delivery Settings

Editing delivery settings.

The Delivery Settings option portion of your delivery method allows you to send a notification email to your client that they have a lead. To set this up do the following:

  • From Address - This will be the address your client sees in their email when a lead is viewed.

  • Destination – This will pull from the email placed on the contact information OR you can put your own destination email to add multiple emails use a comma to separate. IE (,

  • Destination Copy and Blind Copy - Used to set up CC and BCC options for delivery.

  • SMTP Server – This can be used if you want to use your own SMTP server for Email Delivery. It will require the SMTP Server Address

  • If you require a username and password, you may enter them as well.

  • Email Response To Lead – Customize your Response to your lead via an HTML editor.

Ensure your Delivery Account is set to your Email Delivery

Setting delivery options and method.

The last step is to open your delivery account and ensure that under delivery options that your delivery method is tied to the email delivery created.

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