Creating live call transfers allows you the ability to create a generic form used specifically to transfer leads in real time. Upon submitting a lead with a Live Transfer form you will see a list of available clients who can take that lead, as well as their number so that you can call that agent to let him know a lead is on its way.

Generic form.

Setting Up a Live Call Transfer Form

Step 1: Select Lead Sources from the top tab to view your lead source List.

Go to lead sources list

Step 2: Select a source from your list and click, Modify Campaigns.

Click modify source campaigns.

Step 3: Select your campaign and click Edit.

Edit campaigns.

Creating your Form

Adding a lead form.

The Lead Forms tab will give you the options for the following:

  • Add Form – Allows you to add a new form

  • Edit Form - Edit an existing form

  • Delete Form – Delete an existing form

  • Show URL – Show existing URL for form

To create a new form, click Add Form.

Lead Form Properties

Setting the lead form properties.

Form properties will allow you to do the following:

  • Name your form

  • Copyright your form

  • Reset form fields upon submission

  • Show your account logo

  • View your URL for this particular form

In order to make this generic form do live call transfers, you must ensure the Return Live Call Clients box is checked. This will allow to set more specific options such as

  • Reset live form after submit

  • Schedule the lead for general automation to be delivered to the client

Note: Do not click on return live clients for generic forms. Simply click OK once done typing in the name in order to create your generic form.

Setting Up Client For Live Call Transfer

Additional options screen.

In order to use your live call transfer form, you must ensure that your client can receive live call transfers. To do this:

  • Open Clients tab

  • Select a client

  • Go to Delivery Accounts

  • Modify Delivery Accounts

  • Select Additional Options

In the Additional Options,

  • Set the Account Type to Live Call Transfer

  • Assign Agent Name

  • Assign Agent Phone

This client is now set to receive live call transfer leads.

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