To setup a distribution list, click on Settings. From the settings tab, click on Distribution Lists. Click on New List.

To setup a distribution list, click on Settings.

Distribution List Details

  • List Details – This is where you assign a description for your distribution list. Items of note that must be set here as well

  • LeadType – Select the lead type that this list will apply for.

  • LeadField – What field will this list be using for criteria

  • Default Client – Should this only be assigned to 1 client

  • Status – Enabled or Disabled

  • Link Field

  • Value – Should there be a default Value

  • Add, Remove, Import, Export – use these to do any of the following actions. If you are importing a file, make sure that it is in a .xls format.

Distribution list details

Distribution List Assignments

Distribution lists allow LeadExec to assign your clients quickly to specific criteria fields. To Setup a distribution list:

  • Open your client from the client list.

  • Select Options and Reports.

  • Click View List Assignments.

Note: when clicked, a drop down will appear asking you to choose the distribution list this client should be tied to.

Distribution list assignments

From the Distribution list assignments you will be able to do the following:

  • Create New Assignment – Will manually add an assignment to the list.

  • Remove Assignment – Will remove a value from the list

  • Import Assignments Refresh – allows you to import an assignment, such as zip codes via a .xls file

  • Export List – Will allow you to export the current assignment for future reference.

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