Instructions for generating the XML envelope using SoapUI (version 5.2.0):

Download and install SoapUI (free version available)

Open SoapUI and click File -> New SOAP Project

Fill in the project name and provide the Initial WSDL location (this can be local file or remote, for our example we will use the LeadExec API's WSDL location)

Once you have filled in the WSDL location, press OK to generate your project

SoapUI will generate 2 protocols under your project. This is version 1.1 and 1.2, depending on which version you are required to use, or decide to use. you would follow the following instructions for that version.

Expand the protocol under the project, this will expose all available functions of that SOAP API.

For this example we will look at the AddEditClient function (the function will depend on which method you need to utilize)

When you expand the AddEditClient (or whatever function you will be consuming), there will be a Request 1 under that function. Double clicking on that will provide an example request that you will use to generate your delivery method's XML template.

Each ? must be filled in with a value, the XML will also provide an <!-- Optional --> comment on any nodes that do not need to be supplied with the envelope.

The entire XML envelope displayed (version 1.1 or 1.2) will be needed when adding that XML to LeadExec's delivery method.

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