Within LeadExec there are many different reporting options to choose from. You can view all your report under the Reports tab. Each tab correlates to a specific sections of the system.

Reporting options list
  • Distribution - will show reports for distribution, revenue breakdown, delivery breakdown, and more.

  • Leads - this will show you reports based on your 3 screens: Maximizer, Search Leads, Client Distribution

  • Client - Will show you client list, as well as order summaries for payments and invoices

  • Lead Sources - this will show you your lead source list, revenue breakdown, revenue share breakdown, pings, as well as utilize the import file manager

  • Analytics - will allow you to click on a specific analytic profile to view specific results

  • Phone Calls - will allow you to view daily breakdown, distributions received, details and revenue of IVR calls

  • Grading/Verification - will run reporting on call verifications and lead grading

  • User - displays login information of a user. IE how long they where logged in.

  • Custom Reports - Reports built by ClickPoint Software specifically for your account. This may incur a charge to build.

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