To customize your client portal, click on the Settings tab. Select Web Portal.

By Default the portal URLS are:

Portal Skin allows you to change the tone of the client portal that your users log into.

Selecting settings tab
Web portal configuration

Using a sub-domain

LeadExec gives users the ability to use a subdomain provided by software by inputting a name before the "lead-backoffice" portion. For example, the following URLS would now be listed as:

Client portal configuration

Using your own domain

LeadExec also gives you the ability to use your own domain provided you own it, to do so select the Use Custom Domain first. Next put the domain name this will be hosted on. Enter in the URL to be used.

Point your DNS record to this IP Address:

Client portal configuration

Configuring Client News

You can customize the Client News Section of your client portal by clicking on the Edit Company News section. This will open an HTML editor where you can input a custom message for your clients to see.

Client news configuration

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