LeadExec now has the ability to send your call recordings out via a URL encoded string.

Starting Off

Navigate to lead sources.
Select a lead source and go to its source campaigns.
  1. Go to Lead Sources.

  2. Select the lead source to use.

  3. Navigate to Modify Source Campaigns and click it.

  4. Select a campaign to use.

Select an IVR number and click edit.
  1. Select the campaign this is for and click Edit.

  2. Move down to IVR Numbers and Scripts and hit Edit Number.

IVR number editor dialog.

Note: Ensure that Process Delivery is checked!

Adding the field to your method

Adding the field to a method.
  1. Select Clients tab.

  2. Select the client this is for and click Open.

  3. Select the method you want to use and hit Modify.

  4. Select Add Mapping.

  5. Set the field name to the value you will be sending.

  6. Set the field type to “Special Field”.

  7. Select Call Recording URL.

  8. Hit OK.

  9. Hit Save.

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