Q. How do I bring my Search Leads fields back? It appears that the screen has changed and I am no longer able to see information that was displayed.

A. With our most recent update to LeadExec we removed some of the fields displayed on the search leads screen and added in a new feature that allows you to hide fields. You are able to bring any fields removed back into the header bar by clicking the Column Chooser option added into the Search Leads screen.

To do this you will need to:

  1. Click Choose Columns

  2. This will being up a window on the bottom right of your search leads screen that contains all fields previously displayed on the search leads report.

  3. Click the field you wish to bring back into the report and place it where you want it displayed.

This will allow you to move and hide fields you don't use without having to click Restore Defaults if you accidentally remove a field.

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