Within LeadExec our system offers users the unique ability to create permission groups for your users. What these groups do is ensure that users in your system can only see what permission groups they are assigned to.

To start creating a permission group click on the Settings tab.

Select the settings tab.

Select Permissions to see your user permissions.

List of permission groups.

Click New to create a new group.

Permissions Group Editor

The permission group editor.

1. Section – This will list the section of the system you will be assigning permissions for. The 5 main items are:

  • Leads

  • Clients

  • Lead Sources

  • Reports

  • System Settings

2. Section Properties – This will list all the items under that particular Section.

  • Deny Access – checking this will ensure your user cannot see anything for that sections.

  • View only assigned items – if this is checked your user will only see items or leads assigned to that user.

3. Item properties – This will show you all the actions/items that a user can do on that screen and whether or not they can be enabled or disabled

  • Deny access – will deny access to the item selected

  • View Only Active

  • Read Only - allows users to only view the data, but not interact with it.

4. Lead Types – Select the lead type users should be able to see.

5. Sub Sources – If you use sub-sources you can check those here.

6. Client Groups – Allow users access to your client groups.

7. Lead Sources – Allows you to control the lead sources your client sees.

8. Administrator – Gives the user administrator privileges.

Note: not assigning a user to a permission group makes them an admin by default

Assigning a User to a Group

User list.

To assign a user to a group, Click on the Users tab right above permissions.
Select a user and click Open.

User Details

User details screen.

From the User Details screen, click on Add Permission Group. A dropdown box will appear for you to select the appropriate group from. Select your group.

Once your group is selected Click OK.

Click Save to make your changes.

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