Lead Delete Functionality

On the search screen a delete button has been added to allow a user to remove a lead from the system as soon as possible. When selecting a lead to be deleted with this function, the system will immediately add the lead to the deletion queue to be removed from the system. 

When deleting lead(s), the system will prompt the user with a confirmation dialog requiring them to enter in a code to verify they want to delete the selected leads.

Once the the user has confirmed the lead should be deleted, the system populate a message stating the lead has be scheduled for deletion. 

Note: Once a lead has been scheduled to be deleted, it cannot be reversed and the system will delete that lead as soon as the delete processor gets to that lead.

Setting Lead Deletion Permissions

The ability to delete a lead is controlled by the Delete Leads permission set on a permission group in the Settings tab. When creating new users, this functionality is enabled by default as all other permissions are.  

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