Lead Retention allows you to be in compliance for GDPR and CCPA.
Setting Lead Retention Policies

Lead retention polices dictate the amount of time a lead’s information will be stored in the LeadExec application.  Leads are queued for deletion by the amount of days set in the campaign’s retention policy based on the date and time the lead entered system.

These policies are set in 2 places, Lead Source Campaigns and the Lead Details screen:

1. Lead Source Campaigns 

By setting a retention policy on a lead source campaign, every lead that is received from that campaign from that moment forward will automatically be removed based on the amount of days set on the retention policy.


When updating this setting a confirmation dialog will appear to ensure that the user knows the importance and functionality that this option will enable. 


Lead Receiver and Auto-apply of Retention Policies:

When a retention policy is set at the campaign level, every lead that is received from that moment forward will have the retention policy specified applied to the leads.

Example: If a lead enters the system on 1/9/2020 at 11:45 pm PST, with a retention policy set for 10 days, the lead will be queued for deletion on 1/19/2020 at 11:45 pm PST.

Note: When changing the retention policy on a campaign, this will only affect new leads coming in, any policies set previously will not be changed and will operate as expected. Leads with a previously implemented retention policy set will still adhere to the amount of days set on that retention policy. Any adjustments to would have to be made on leads individually in the lead details screen.



2.  Lead Detail Screen

The lead details screen allows a user to update the policy on an individual lead as well as view a policy that is already in place. Any updates to the policy on an individual lead must be done ahead of the initial deletion date set from the campaign.

If a user tries to enable or update the auto removal process, a confirmation dialog appears to ensure the user knows that this functionality is being turned on.


Setting Lead Retention Policies Permissions

The permission setting to allow users to set and update retention policies is found under the Settings tab. When creating new users, this functionality is enabled by default as all other permissions are.  


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