• Fixed an issue with password requirements not saving when using forgot password function in login screen, with password policy enabled. 

  • Fixed an issue with saving newly created clients with password policy enabled.


  • Added dialog to client groups when a user attempts to create override deliveries without a default delivery in place, preventing them from creating the override.

  • (No default delivery on target group): Added functionality to prevent users from moving clients to a new client group that does not have a default delivery in place. The user will receive a prompt that will inform them the group they are attempting to change to does not have a default delivery setup, preventing them from selecting that group.

  • (A default delivery is setup on the target group) Added functionality. When the user changes the client group and saves the client info, the system will then transfer all delivery accounts that target the existing group to the new group.

  • Batch Delivery: Option for the system to not send scheduled delivery when there are no leads for the client.

  • Batch Delivery: System will automatically add the file extension as a default in File Name field. 


  • SalesExec Integration Update.

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