LeadExec has the ability to limit delivery to a client and/or delivery account based on the percentage of leads that qualify for the client vs how many leads are delivered. The system references the other client(s) in the system with matching delivery account criteria to determine which leads qualify.

The setting can be made on the client level or delivery account level.

Client Settings:

Delivery Account Settings:

Step 1: To enable the feature, select “Enable” from the first dropdown field.

Step 2: In the second dropdown, you’ll select the duration the system should look back to reference leads delivered.

Step 3: Next, set the percentage of qualified leads this client/delivery account should receive.

Step 4: Assign the client/delivery account to a delivery group. For the system to properly execute this functionality, the client/delivery account must be assigned a delivery group with the highest priority. This will the system to always scan this client first, ahead of all other clients in the system.

Delivery Group Assignment:

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