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LeadExec Patch Notes December 8th, 2022
LeadExec Patch Notes December 8th, 2022
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  • Added Dollar Item Fill Limit setting to reserve dollar bank orders, providing the ability to set a threshold to fill an order.

  • Added functionality to orders to auto-invoice a client when an order is created.

  • Added functionality to charge an order when the order is created.

  • Added IVR call details to lead details page in LeadExec web and client portal.

  • Added Rev Share override settings to delivery account settings, allowing Rev Share to be set to a customized price or percentage on the client side.

  • Added functionality to the ping system, allowing pings to find a client based on only the criteria in the ping without having to match all criteria set on delivery accounts.

  • Added functionality to the ping system to scan all campaigns of a lead source when omitting the AID value in a ping.

  • Added the option to bypass the delivery queue to campaign settings.


  • Scheduled routine backend maintenance

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