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Inbound - Using Quality Control with Campaigns
Inbound - Using Quality Control with Campaigns

Quality control can help prevent bad leads from being passed to your buyers; understanding how it works is critical

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Quality Control is a way to gate leads prior to delivering them using automated delivery. You might want to use this feature to call verify leads, or gate leads from a new vendor before you send them to your buyers.

The Quality Control screen allows users to manually validate or invalidate leads that have entered their LeadExec system.

To navigate to the Quality Control bin, go to your Leads section and select Quality Control.

As with most lead-driven screens in LeadExec you have the ability to customize your view with the Choose Columns feature. ClickPoint will be actively working to add a power dial feature to the new web-based version for call verification.

You can set leads to be staged in Quality Control by editing a campaign and selecting the Use Quality Control option.

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