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Ping Post Lead Campaign Advanced Settings
Ping Post Lead Campaign Advanced Settings

How to edit and update existing Ping Post Lead campaigns

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This article is a comprehensive guide on Ping Post Campaigns, including their available options and functionalities. Although Ping Post campaigns share many features with Web Lead campaigns, the primary settings for your Ping Post campaign can be found in the Ping Options tab. These settings are critical for the campaign to perform correctly.


Campaign Name

Provide a name for the Campaign that indicates the type of leads and their location of origin.


Ensure the status is set to Active; any other status will not allow leads to enter the system through this Campaign.

Available Status Options Include

  • Active

  • Closed

  • Inactive

  • On Hold

  • Late

  • Suspended


Input the cost per lead for this Campaign. The price will be tracked throughout the system to allow you to run the most accurate Reports.

Require Authentication

The Require Authentication setting determines if a lead source must use a Client ID and Client Secret when posting in leads.

More information on using authentication credentials can be found in this article, LeadExec API Credentials.

Outbound Delivery

Next, you will see the Outbound Delivery section, where you can adjust the Delivery settings for the Campaign.

Automation Method

Here, you can choose the Automation Method you want to use for this Campaign. Generally, you will want to use the System Default setting, which uses the Automation type set in the main Account Settings. However, there are certain use cases where you may want to deliver leads using a different Automation type for a specific campaign. This setting will override the main Automation settings of the account.

Maximum Delivery Count

The Maximum Delivery Count sets the maximum number of times that a single lead can deliver through this Campaign.

Delivers To

The Delivers To option allows you to set an Exclusive Delivery Group on the Campaign. You would use an Exclusive Delivery Group if you wanted leads from this Campaign only to be delivered to a select group of clients. An Exclusive Group must be in place before using this setting. With the default setting "Any Qualified Clients" the system will select clients based on the normal distribution rules in place.

Ping Options

The Ping Options tab is where you can configure all settings related to Inbound Pings from your lead source for this campaign.

To start, let's take a moment to familiarize ourselves with how the Ping system operates before we delve into its settings.

Understanding the Ping system.

When a campaign is configured using the Ping Post channel, the system will validate that the lead source has first sent in a PING request, received an Order ID, and submitted the full lead within 5 minutes of receiving that Order ID. The PING system is used to qualify a lead's information before contact information for that lead is submitted to the system. For instance, the PING may ask whether the account has a buyer for a lead with a loan amount of $100,000, and the response will be either yes or no. If the response is yes, the source will receive an Order ID, which will be valid for 5 minutes. This information relates to the fields that are set in the Field Requirements section of this tab.

Revenue Requirement

Allows you to set the required revenue amount.

Profit Requirement

Allows you to set the required profit amount.

(Revenue minus lead cost must be at least "x")

Profit Percentage Requirement

Allows you to set the required profit percentage amount.

Minimum Delivery Count

Allows you to set a minimum estimated delivery count. For example, if set to "2", the system must find two matching clients that potentially take the lead.

Qualify All Criteria

Qualify clients using all criteria.
Note: If no is selected, clients will be qualified only using the field values supplied on the PING request.

Field Requirements for PING

The Field Requirement setting is a crucial part of setting up your Ping Post campaign. This section allows you to specify the fields that you want your lead sources to provide in the Ping request. The Ping posting instructions will reflect the fields that you choose here. You can choose to set these fields as either required or optional.

Quality Options

The Quality Options section provides options to help manage and maximize the quality of your leads.

Duplicate Checks

Check Rejected Leads

Specify whether this Campaign should perform duplicate checks on previously rejected leads.

Duplicate Day Setting

This setting determines how far back the system checks for duplicate leads based on selected fields in your Lead Type.

Append Duplicate Data

When receiving a duplicate lead, update the existing lead with updated lead data.

Allow PING Duplicate API Check

Allow this Campaign to utilize the duplicate check API to ensure non-duplicates before the final lead submission.

Note: A fee may apply when using this feature; please refer to your subscription page for more information.

Resend Deliveries

When receiving a duplicate lead, resend the existing lead's deliveries.


In the Criteria section, you can set filters for the Campaign to allow only those leads with matching lead field criteria to be accepted.

To add incoming criteria, click Add. This will launch the Criteria Details window.

Select Lead Field as the Criteria Type.

Other Available Options

  • Regular Expression - Allows you to use a regular expression as criteria.

  • Calculate Expression - Allows you to use a calculated expression as criteria. Think of a Lead Source sending you mortgage balance 1 and mortgage balance 2, but they are unable to send you an LTV (Loan to Value Ratio), which mortgage lead buyers use to determine the viability of your leads. You can use a Calculated Expression to determine the LTV based on other fields of information provided by your lead source.

Quantity Limits

Quantity Limits allow you to set the maximum number of leads you want to allow this Campaign to accept in an Hourly, Daily, or Monthly time frame.

Lead Validation

Use Quality Control

Using Quality Control is a way to gate leads, allowing users to validate or invalidate leads manually in the Quality Control bin. Validated leads will be processed for automated delivery, while invalid leads will be marked as QC and returned to the client. You might use this feature to call-verify leads, or review leads from a new vendor before you send them to your buyers.

Default Reject Option

In most cases, you will want to use the system default setting, Reject Back to Source.

  • Reject Back to Source – This is the system default; this will take any rejected lead and mark it as one inside LeadExec.

  • Move to Quality Control – This will take any rejected lead and move it directly to Quality Control for manual validation.

  • Forward to Delivery – This will take any rejected lead and move it directly into automation for your clients to receive.

Standardize Address

Apply industry standardization to the primary address field.

Append City and State

The system will update the city and state fields when a valid postal code and country are present.

Mobile Check

Verify if the lead's primary phone number is a mobile number.

Geolocate IP Address

Geolocation IP address of the lead. (fee may apply)


The Compliance tab offers settings for using LeadExec's TCPA and GDPR tools.


To enable TCPA on your Campaign:

  1. Click Enable TCPA Services

  2. Input the TCPA consent text you wish to have populated on your form into the TCPA Form Consent Text field. If you leave this field blank, it will default to the following text.

  3. Default TCPA Consent Text: "I agree to be contacted on the number supplied using an automated telephone dialing system or prerecorded or artificial voice. I understand that providing my cell phone number is not required to purchase services and that I may revoke this permission at any time."

  4. Enter the email address of the LeadExec account manager in the Notification Email field. This is a required field.

  5. The Reject Lead for No Consent option allows you to reject any leads if consent is not given.


LeadExec's GDPR options allow you to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation, a set of EU data protection and privacy rules.

Retention Policy - Set the number of days before any lead received is automatically removed from the system.

Rejected Retention Policy - The number of days before rejected leads are automatically removed from the system. This works independently from the primary Retention Policy setting.

Advance Options


Default User Assignment

You can choose which one of your users gets automatically assigned the leads from the list of registered users you have.


You can also select a category that is used to denote further what type of leads a Lead Source is sending you for this Campaign.


If you are an agency or company that buys leads for your sales divisions, you may have brands within the company, and you want to segment lead delivery for those brands. To simplify reporting, you will want to use the Lead Source Campaign Group.

Let's say, for example, you are a company with four major brands. You receive leads specifically for these brands from a variety of lead sources. If so, you will want to segment your brands using the Lead Source Campaign Group.

Once you have created the Campaign brands in this group, you can enable them when you set up your Lead Source Campaigns so that leads go directly to these brands.


Use Delivery Queue

Process lead delivery asynchronously.
Note: By selecting no, response time back to the source will be affected

Enable Automated Engagement

When a web lead has been received, initiate a phone call using the call routing system to engage the lead.
Note: Selected engagement numbers must have a call flow assigned.
Please review ClickPoint's Acceptable Use Policy. Violation of this policy will result in this feature being disabled.

Engage Using Text Messages

Initiate a conversation through text messages if available.
Note: The assigned number must have a message flow assigned.
Please review ClickPoint's Acceptable Use Policy. Violation of this policy will result in this feature being disabled.



If needed, a password can be required when submitting leads.

Allow Send Responses

Allow the lead receiver to send back a list of deliveries.


Maximum Return Count

You can set up a Maximum Return Day Count to specify the maximum number of days returns are allowed on your leads.

Custom Value Delimiter

Which character should be used for multiple numerations.

Revenue Share Options

Revenue Share - Percentage

Specify the percentage of each sale that should be applied.

Revenue Share - Per Sale

Specify the dollar amount for each sale that should be applied.

Additional Scanning Options

Client Required Criteria

This functionality allows you to add additional criteria clients must contain in their delivery accounts.

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