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Lead Type Settings - Creating Lead Types

Learn how to edit and change lead fields within a lead type

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The Lead Type Library allows users the ability to preview and choose from many different Lead Types that are commonly used across many different verticals.

To begin editing, adding, or removing fields from your Lead Type details, navigate to your Lead Type library by going to:

Settings then to LeadTypes

Select the New tab to reveal lead-type options.

4. Select the Industry of the Lead Type you wish to create.

5. LeadExec will load all lead types tied to the industry type you select. Select a lead type and preview the fields to make sure that it fits exactly what you are looking for.

6. Once you have found the lead type you wish to use click Create this will pop up the lead type Editor.

7. Once you make sure the Lead Type description and Industry are set to your liking click Save. You are now ready to use this Lead Type.

How to set up your custom Lead Type

When you click +New or select an existing Lead Type, you will be given the Lead Type Details in a modal window. Proceed to the Custom button found at the bottom of the modal window.

Available lead field types are when creating +New Fields or editing a current Lead Type:

Text - Plain Text Field = Think comments

US/Canada Phone Number - Phone Format = 602-344-555

Email - Email Field =

Money - $ Money Field = $1,000,000

Percentage - % Percent Field = 98%

Number With Decimals - Number Field = 23.98

Number Without Decimals - No Decimals Field = 23

Large Number Without Decimals - 1,000,000

Calculated Expression - LTV or Other Calculated Fields

Yes / No - Enumeration or Dropdown (Example: Mortgage > Refinance, Purchase, Debt)

Date / Time - Date with a Time = 12/03/22 1:22

Postal Code - 85254 or other for Canada

US State - CA, NV, AZ

Dropdown - Multiple Dropdown Selections Loan Type = Refinance, Purchase, Cash-Out selections.

Sub Fields -

Once you've selected your field type, you'll follow the next steps:

Input the Field Description (How the field displays in the system)

Input the Field Name (How the system reads the lead field)

Set the system field type from the dropdown. All fields without a system field match should be set to “Custom”.

Is Required: Determines whether the field is required for leads to post into the system. Leads will reject back to your lead sources if a required field is not included in the request.

Next, you will need to set the field display options for the lead field. This will set where and how the lead field will display within the system. In most cases, you will have all of these options selected.

Depending on the lead field type selected there can be other options that need attention, such as formatting of date/time fields or adding enumeration values for dropdown fields.

Once you've completed these steps, click Save to add your Lead Type.

Description - This is the description of the Lead Field or Name, which can include spaces, for example: Loan Amount

The Field Name - This is the name used in posting documentation with no spaces example: LoanAmount

The Default Value - Setting a default value will cause the value to appear only if the field receives a blank value when a lead is posting with a blank lead field value.

System Field - The system field selection allows you to tie your field to a system field used heavily in reporting, validation, and display options throughout LeadExec.

Required - Is this field required from your lead sources, you should generally require the fields your clients require, most should be required, but not all.

Allow Pivot Reporting - Allow this field to be a selection, when you are creating custom reporting.

Exclude from Integrations - Prevent the lead field from showing up in 3rd party integrations.

The next tab on the screen is Display. With Display, you can determine where this field will show up on the various screens of LeadExec. Simply select or deselect which screens you would like this lead field to display.

Validation and Formatting include

Validation -

Invalid Characters -

Error Message -

Format -

Toggle: Profanity Filter - This toggle allows for profanity to be

You can also enable Duplicate checks on your Lead Types, from this screen.

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