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Lead List - Lead Details
Lead List - Lead Details

When you open a lead, you can view the details about the lead, the process flow, TCPA validation, and more

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The Lead Details screen is a helpful screen that helps you understand more about a specific lead. From this screen, you have options to identify important information about why this lead was delivered to particular clients, buyers, or teams.

You can also view information about compliance and lead scoring like TCPA certification.

From the main toolbar, you can view multiple options that will provide you with critical information about the history of this lead, the path it took, and how you received it from a Lead Source.

Change History this is helpful in understanding if an employee made changes or altered this lead in any way.

You can also choose the View Insert Request to see what lead information you received to your LeadExec account from a website, landing page, or third-party provider.

The Lead Flow Diagram selection will show you more about the path this lead followed when accepted or rejected and what happened next based on your lead delivery settings.

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