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Lead List - Viewing Lead Information
Lead List - Viewing Lead Information

Viewing lead information is helpful in understanding your lead properties, lead scoring, change history and more

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You can easily open a lead from the Leads List view and view more information about a particular lead. This function is helpful if you need to update lead information.

You have several options to provide more detail or View Details on a lead when you open a lead.

You can view

Deliveries - This option highlights where a lead was delivered, and if it was Accepted or Rejected by your buyer.

You can also view the delivery diagram from this modal, the Post Request, Response from your client, any Notes, Resend the Lead, or Delete the lead.

Properties - This will allow you to see the date this lead was verified, its status, return reason, cost, send count, revenue, and if there is an auto removal or removal date.

Files - This option allows you to view or add files to the lead.

Appointments - This option allows you to view any current appointments associated with this lead.

TCPA Certification - This option will show you the TCPA validation results if enabled. You can view if the lead provided consent, has a mobile phone and if a particular lead views the consent text.

Other available options from Lead Details on the main toolbar

View Change History - This option will allow you to see any manually made changes on this lead.

View Insert Request - This option allows you to see what was posted into your LeadExec account by your lead source.

View Process Flow - Viewing the Process Flow allows you to get a visual breakdown of the steps this lead went through to be validated or rejected by LeadExec.

View Deliveries - This option lets you see where this lead was delivered, the price you paid, and the price you sold the lead.

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