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Account Settings - Distribution Lists
Account Settings - Distribution Lists

Use distribution lists to deliver to large lists of zip codes, postal codes, and more

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Distribution Lists are useful when using large zip code or postal code tables for lead delivery to one or more clients.

To set up a Distribution List, click on Settings. From the settings tab, click on Distribution Lists.

Click on New

Once you have added the basic details, you can either add zip codes or postal codes manually or import them.

  • Description – This is where you assign a description for your distribution list.

  • LeadType – Select the Lead Type that this list will apply

  • LeadField – What field will this list be using for criteria

  • Link Field - Field on the lead that should be used as criteria to qualify this list for a lead. For example, the Link Field of Country could be used to select a certain list for different countries.

  • Link Value - The value of the link field is used to qualify this list against the lead. For example, A link field value of "The United States" with a Link Field of Country would verify that the lead has the United States as the value of the country and would not apply this list unless that condition was met.

  • Default Client – This value is used to determine where the lead should go if no list items apply to the lead. For Example: If a postal code list is being scanned, and the postal code is not found in the list. Then send the lead to the client selected to ensure there are no non-delivered leads.

  • Status – Enabled or Disabled

Note: If you are importing a file, make sure it is in a *.xlsx or *.xls

Distribution List Assignments

Once you have imported your zip codes or postal codes, you can edit or update the Assignment of this list.

  • Add New Assignment – Manually add an assignment to the list.

  • Remove Assignment – Will remove a value from the list

  • Import Assignments Refresh – allows you to import an assignment, such as zip codes, via a .xls file

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