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Settings - TCPA Options

Enable TCPA from within LeadExec

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Enabling TCPA will require you to configure your lead type to work with TCPA as well as enable TCPA on your campaign.

To enable TCPA on your lead type:

  1. Click on Settings

  2. Click TCPA Options

  3. Select Enabled under the Enable TCPA Information Screens option

Select the lead type that you wish to configure with TCPA and click Configure.

To enable TCPA on your Campaign:

  1. Click on Lead Sources

  2. Select the Lead Source you will be enabling TCPA under and click Modify Campaigns

  1. Select the Campaign that you will be enabling TCPA under and click Modify

  2. Click on Quality/TCPA Options

  1. If you have set the TCPA consent text you want to populate on your form you can paste it into the TCPA Form Consent Text field. If you leave this field blank it will default to the following text "I agree to be contacted on the number supplied using an automated telephone dialing system or prerecorded or artificial voice. I understand that providing my cell phone number is not required to purchase services and that I may revoke this permission at any time"

  2. Turn on TCPA Mobile Check by selecting Yes - this feature is a requirement to use the TCPA system and does have a fee of $.03 per certification check.

  3. Turn on Locate IP by selecting Yes - This feature will locate the lead via their IP Address.

Once you have these options enabled and set up you can run the TCPA CheckList to make sure everything is set up correctly!

To run the checklist:

  1. Click Lead Sources

  2. Select the Lead Source you have enabled TCPA on and click Modify Campaigns

  3. Highlight the Campaign you enabled TCPA on and Click TCPA Checklist

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