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Campaigns - TCPA Certification Step 4
Campaigns - TCPA Certification Step 4

Ensure total TCPA compliance by storing and printing TCPA certificates

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Once you have completed Steps 1-3, you will want to verify that leads are checked for TCPA Consent. You will proceed to the Lead List, where you can verify that leads are checked and verified for consent.

Navigate to List, under the Leads section of your left-hand navigation. From the Lead List, you can see the column TCPA Compliant. If you do not immediately see this column header, proceed to the Choose Columns feature and find TCPA Compliant column header and drag it into the screen.

If you ever have a complaint, you can search for the specific lead by name, open the Lead Details, then select TCPA.

Now you can see the general TCPA checks, and you can Print Certificate. When you print the certificate it will look like this:

You can right-click on the certificate, and then select Print, and then Print to PDF.

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