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Update your client settings to provide detail on client lead delivery, return percentages, and other options pertaining to clients.

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Your Client Settings Options allow you to turn on specific settings for clients inside of your LeadExec account. These are more advanced settings that pertain to your Client Portal, where a buyer can retrieve their leads, Client Delivery Group Settings, and other options.

These settings include:

  • Apply Groups as Criteria allows you to create exclusive deliveries within client groups. If this is enabled in a specific client group, it will be treated as exclusive to that client and will move to the next group.

    • Yes, make deliveries exclusive within a group

    • No, do not make deliveries exclusive within a group

  • Allow Confirm Price - this setting allows the API to return a price after the lead has been delivered. This price would override the price on the delivery account.

    • Yes, allow API calls to update the lead price

    • No, do not allow API calls to update the lead prices

  • Disable Access to Portal for Inactive Users - this setting will lock out any clients that are currently set as inactive from logging into the client portal.

  • Expire Portal Email Link - this setting will cause the email link to the client portal that is sent out in email deliveries to expire after the specified number of days.

  • Delivery Force ID Mapping sets which client field should be used when mapping a force id passed in with the post.

  • Route Duplicate Leads allows duplicate leads to deliver to your buyer after the original is sent.

  • Default Return Percentage on Delivery Accounts - You can set the default return percentage for all clients from this section. For instance, you might want a global 10% return percentage, and then adjust each client based on their use case or terms.

  • Default Return Percentage on Orders - For buyers that have orders, you may want to set a global return allowance for any buyer with an active order.

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