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Returns - Understanding this Screen
Returns - Understanding this Screen

Use the Returns screen to approve and deny returns as well as managing all of your lead returns.

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Use the Returns screen to Approve or Deny lead returns.

Tip: With Lead Returns, you first need to set up Return thresholds for each Client and default return reasons. You can set up a Maximum Return Percentage, and you can create your unique Return reasons that you will accept.

Once you have your default return reasons, you can then use this screen to Approve or Deny returns.

Buyers or Clients can Return leads via the Client Portal; this is a web-based portal where they can view all of their leads, return leads, add credit card orders, and view reports.

To set a Maximum Return Percentage, proceed to Clients, Delivery Accounts, and Advanced.

As with any Lead screen, you can use the Choose Column feature to add additional columns and create your custom view by dragging columns.

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