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Clients - Client Groups

Utilize client groups for more advanced delivery where you are delivering to a company with multiple locations

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Client groups can be used to group existing clients in your system to control delivery. With client groups, you can:

  • Send leads to clients while having only one method.

  • Assign multiple clients to a single delivery method.

  • Send leads to multiple endpoints based on criteria

To begin setting client groups, Select Client under the Groups submenu in the Clients section of the left-hand menu. Select "Create Group" and name your group.

Inside your client group you can assign:

  • Default Delivery – This will be the main delivery method your clients use when assigned to a client group. This is set up like a normal client Delivery. (Please refer to Setting Up Client Delivery for more details)

  • Force Delivery – This will force the delivery of a lead and will over ride the default delivery (Please refer to Setting Up Client Delivery for more details)

  • Delivery Overrides – These can be assigned to Override the Default Delivery to a client if certain criteria is met.

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