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Client List - Adding and Editing (Orders) Part IV
Client List - Adding and Editing (Orders) Part IV

Create manual or recurring automatic order renewal

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You can create orders for clients based on a Start Date/End Date, Order $ Amount, or Lead Quantity with Lead Orders.

You can also set Lead Orders to auto-renew based on Fill Date or End Date.

Enter the Quantity for the Lead Order and then a Lead Price.

Update the status of your Orders, so you can view only Open Orders vs. Closed.

Once you have created the basic Order and added the basic information, you can add more specific details about the Order.

General - Allows you to provide the Invoice Name; you could have a different name for various types of Orders associated with a Client.

You can provide a Description with even more detail, like $25 email leads, to help you organize your Orders.

You can supply a Start, End Date, Auto Charge on Fill, or a Max Return %.

Renewal Settings - This allows you to set an automated Renewal for the following

  • Renew automatically on an end date

  • Renew automatically on fill

  • Do not automatically renew

Items - These are a way to get more granular with your Orders. For instance, you might have one Order, that then has multiple sub-orders associated with it.

You can select the Item Type, which includes Lead Quantity or Reserved Dollar Bank.

From the Edit option, you can tie the Order to All Delivery Accounts or a specific Delivery Account.

Lastly, you can Apply a Payment to any Order. The selections for Apply Payment are the following:

  • Check

  • Bank Transfer

  • Cash

  • Mobile Payment

  • Credit

  • Adjustment

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