Information on Client configurations, Delivery Methods, Delivery Accounts, and the Order system

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Client List - Understanding the Client List ScreenUse the Client List screen to manage your clients
Client List - Adding a New Client (Basic Info) Part IOverview of adding new clients to the system and then setting up basic functions for client delivery.
Client List - Adding a New Client (Delivery Method) Part IIOverview of Delivery Methods
Client List - Adding a New Client (Delivery Account) Part IIIOverview of Delivery Accounts
Client List - Adding and Editing (Orders) Part IVCreate manual or recurring automatic order renewal
Client List - Adding (Invoices) Part VUse invoices to collect payment from your buyers, with easy payment integrations with Stripe, Square, or Authorize.net
Client List - Adding a New Client (Permissions) Part VIUse the new client wizard to setup each new client with their delivery settings.
Clients - Portal UsersCreate Portal users for your internal team.
Clients - Client GroupsUtilize client groups for more advanced delivery where you are delivering to a company with multiple locations
How to Create Delivery GroupsDelivery Groups allow you to set specific automation rules for a group of clients

Delivery Methods

Configuration of all of the types of automated lead delivery