Logging into your Client Portal

Figure 1. Client Portal Login.

  1. Type in Username in the top field

  2. Type in Password in the bottom field

  3. Click “Login”


Figure 2. Dashboard.

Summary of your leads today, by week, and by month on the left-hand side

Select Leads from Menu to see your leads. Select Settings to:

  • Change your password

  • Provide contact information

  • Add users to your system (sales managers, salespeople)

  • You may ignore the “Billing Information”

Select Reports to see leads received by dates or a summary of all leads by user

Select Appointments to see appointments that you have scheduled in the system.

Lead Manager Screen

Figure 3. Lead Manager Screen.

  • Lists all of your leads

  • Search by date range, lead type, or search through all your leads

  • Sort by clicking on the header of any row

  • Click on “Open Lead” to view lead details

Figure 4. Lead details.

When a lead is opened you can:

  • Print the lead

  • Send an email to the contact

  • Forward the lead in an email to someone else

  • Return the lead (if it is out of your area)

  • Add attachments (quotes, other information) that you want to keep with the lead.

  • Create an appointment in the central calendar

Returning Leads Inside your client portal

Figure 5. Returning Leads.

From the leads return screen, your Client has the ability to return any leads delivered to them. This screen can

  • Show status of the lead (Returned or not)

  • Return Status (Approved, Denied, or Pending)

  • Return Date (Date the lead was returned)

  • Return Reason (Why you returned the lead)

Simply click on the leads Dropdown arrow to select returns in order to return any leads.

User Manager Screen

Allows you to add multiple users to the system

Figure 6. User Manager Screen.

  1. Click ADD NEW USER

  2. Assign a Username and Password

  3. Put in Contact Details

Figure 7. User Details.

Provide basic permissions:

  • Admin access can do everything.

  • View Down line allows someone to see all the leads “below” them.

  • Status – enabled Use this item to Enable or Disable a User

Creating Appointments

You can only create appointments from within a lead. Open the lead, and then select the create appointment button

Figure 8. Creating Appointments.

You can assign the appointment to any user of the system. They will receive an email of the appointment.

Figure 9. Appointment Editor.

Users can see their appointments, and admins can see ALL appointments in the Appointments tab

Order Manager

Within the client portal, your Client has access to edit and view all orders, as well as have the ability to pause any open orders,

Figure 11. Order Manager.

They can see the following:

  • Order ID

  • Start Date

  • End Date

  • Status( Whether open or closed)

  • Renewal

  • Auto Charge

  • Order Total

  • Amount Received

  • Remaining

  • Cost

  • Amount Paid

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