CSV Field Mappings

CSV field mappings allow you to configure the field names the receiving system expects to the fields set on your lead type.

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To get started, click the Import button in the top menu of the Mappings tab. This will generate a popup window containing all the lead fields from your lead type. This is where you will map the existing lead fields in your lead type to the field names your client’s system is expecting based on their posting documentation.

You can customize each field name or use the default values set on the lead type.

You can also add any additional fields the client requires, such as a static field denoting if the delivery is in test mode, as shown in the example above by clicking the New button and adding your lead field.

This is also where you’ll add enumerated values for dropdown fields. First, select the lead field and click edit to add enumerated values. Next, toggle the “Has Value Mappings” button to Yes, which will expand the window. Finally, click the “Add” button to begin mapping your enumerated values.

If the receiving system is expecting the same enumerated values as set on your lead type, you can skip mapping the values because the system will default to what’s set on the lead type.

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