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Creating a Web Lead Campaign
Creating a Web Lead Campaign

How create a campaign using the Web Leads Channel

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Web Lead campaigns are the most widely used type of campaign in LeadExec. Web Leads would include any leads from a self-managed landing page or website, a third-party vendor, or a platform like Zapier.

Campaigns can be created within the Lead Source Details page or the Campaigns screen by clicking the Create button in the top menu.

General Information

The General Information tab is where you will enter the essential details for your Web Leads campaign. Here you will assign the Lead Source, Campaign Name, Channel, and Lead Type. Aside from the Campaign Name, the Lead Source, Channel, and Lead Type settings cannot be changed after initially creating the campaign.

Lead Source

Assign the campaign to a Lead Source.

Campaign Name

Provide a name for the Campaign that indicates the type of leads and their location of origin.


Set the Channel type to be used for this campaign. In this case, you'll select Web Leads.

Lead Type

Select the Lead Type to be used for this campaign. Campaigns can only process leads for a single lead type. If you have multiple Lead Types, you will need to create a campaign for each of the different Lead Types.


Input the Price per lead for this Campaign. The price will be tracked throughout the system to allow you to run the most accurate Reports.


A campaign must be set to Active to receive leads.

Available Status Options Include

  • Active

  • Closed

  • Inactive

  • On Hold

  • Late

  • Suspended

Require Authentication

The Require Authentication setting determines if a lead source is required to use a Client ID and Client Secret when posting in leads.

More information on using authentication credentials can be found in this article, LeadExec API Credentials.

Quality Options

The Quality Options tab provides options to help manage and maximize the quality of your leads. There can be a price per lead cost for some of the services listed in this section.

Use Quality Control

Using Quality Control is a way to gate leads, allowing users to validate or invalidate leads manually in the Quality Control bin. Validated leads will be processed for automated delivery, while invalided leads will be marked as QC returned to the client. You might use this feature to call-verify leads, or review leads from a new vendor before you send them to your buyers.

Duplicate Day Setting

This setting determines how far back the system checks for duplicate leads based on selected fields in your Lead Type.

Standardize Address

Apply industry standardization to the primary address field.

Append City and State

The system will update the city and state fields when a valid postal code and country are present.

Mobile Check

Verify if the lead's primary phone number is a mobile number.

Geolocate IP Address

Geolocation IP address of the lead. (fee may apply)

Delivery Options

The Delivery Options tab allows you to control how your leads will be delivered.

Automation Method

Here, you can choose the Automation Method you want to use for this campaign. Generally, you will want to use the System Default setting, which uses the Automation type set in the main Account Settings. However, there are certain use cases where you may want to deliver leads using a different Automation type for a specific campaign. This setting will override the main Automation settings of the account.

Maximum Delivery Count

The Maximum Delivery Count sets the maximum number of times that a single lead can deliver through this campaign.

Delivers To

The Delivers To option allows you to set an Exclusive Delivery Group on the campaign. You would use an Exclusive Delivery Group if you wanted leads from this campaign only to be delivered to a select group of clients. An Exclusive Group must be in place before using this setting.

Quantity Limits

Quantity Limits allow you to set the maximum number of leads you want to allow this campaign to accept in an Hourly, Daily, or Monthly time frame.

Next Steps

By clicking the Create button, your new campaign will be saved to the database. Once the campaign is created, the system will auto-open the main campaign settings module, where you can make adjustments to additional settings if needed.

Once you've completed any additional setting adjustments, you can save your campaign and move on to generate posting instructions for your lead source.

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