Information on Lead Sources, Campaigns, IVR and Chat systems

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Understanding Lead Source List ScreenUse the Lead Source List screen to manage your sources
Understanding the Lead Source Detail ScreenDetailed information on how to use the Lead Source Details screen
Adding a New Lead SourceStep by step instructions for adding a new lead source to LeadExec
Introduction to CampaignsThis article outlines the different types of campaigns and how they are used
Understanding the Campaign List ScreenThe Campaigns screen helps you organize the Campaigns associated with your Lead Sources
Creating a Web Lead CampaignHow create a campaign using the Web Leads Channel
Creating a Ping Post CampaignHow create a campaign using the Ping Post Channel
Creating a Phone Lead CampaignHow create a campaign using the Phone Leads Channel
Creating a Chat Lead CampaignHow create a campaign using the Chat Leads Channel
Web Lead Campaigns: Advanced SettingsHow to edit and update existing Web Lead campaigns
Ping Post Lead Campaign Advanced SettingsHow to edit and update existing Ping Post Lead campaigns
Inbound - Using Quality Control with CampaignsQuality control can help prevent bad leads from being passed to your buyers; understanding how it works is critical
Campaigns - Implementing TCPA Certification (Enable on Lead Source) Step 1Ensure your leads meet TCPA requirements with real-time on form checks, and certification
Campaigns - Implementing TCPA Certification (Generate Code) Step 2Place the code on your landing page or website, in order to collect TCPA consent.
Campaigns - Implementing TCPA (Turn on Lead Fields) Step 3
Campaigns - Implementing TCPA (Print Certificate) Step 4Ensure total TCPA compliance by storing and printing TCPA certificates
Lead Sources - Enable Lead GradingUse phone and email validation to create a lead score and improve lead quality.
Lead Source List - Access Control IP RestrictionLimit where leads can post from by using IP address white listed article
Groups - ExclusiveDeliver leads to a certain set of clients in a group, based on criteria
Groups - CampaignsCampaign Groups set on a Lead Source allow you to tag brands or groups that you receive leads and distribute leads too
Call Flows - IVR SystemConfiguring the LeadExec Call Flow System
How to generate posting instructionsDetails on generating posting instructions for campaigns
Lead Source List - Lead Source Portal