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Adding a New Lead Source
Adding a New Lead Source

Step by step instructions for adding a new lead source to LeadExec

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Adding Lead Sources and Campaigns is an integral part of configuring your LeadExec account. In this area of the system, you will control where leads are coming from and what type of leads you will accept. You should understand all Delivery, Criteria, and Quality/Lead Validation options to ensure your buyers receive valid and qualified leads.

To start, go to the Lead Source List option from the left-hand navigation under the Inbound section.

Step 1: Select the Create button

Add the Name of the lead source, the Email associated with the lead source, the Address for the source, and the City, State, and Zip Code.

Step 2: Once you have added your lead source, click Next to create a new campaign. When creating the campaign, it will ask you to add a Campaign Name, Channel, Lead Type, and Price.

Step 3: Once you have added your campaign, click Next to modify the Properties.

*This screen may vary depending on the channel you selected for your lead source.

Step 4: Once this is complete, a pop-up screen will appear for you to either Generate Posting Instructions or further Edit the Campaign Settings.

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