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Distribution - Manually Send Leads
Distribution - Manually Send Leads

When you need to send a lead that missed being delivered by automation you will want to manually send this lead

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To Transfer a lead from the Distributions screen, right-click or use the Options selection from the main toolbar. When you select Transfer, follow these steps to Transfer a lead to a buyer.

Tip: There are times when you might need to send a lead manually. For instance, if a lead does not match a buyer automatically, the buyer changes or updates their criteria, and you would like to send them leads they missed out on via automation. In this case, you would send leads that match their criteria manually.

Step 1. Select the client from the drop-down list and click Next.

Step 2. Select the client's Delivery Account.

Step 3. You can select whether or not you would like this lead to apply to the new client's order.

Step 4. You can send the lead via the client's delivery method or track it in the system as a delivery.

Step 5. Review the Transfer Information and click Transfer.

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