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Distribution - How to Use This Screen
Distribution - How to Use This Screen

Understand how your leads are sold or distributed to your various buyers or sales teams.

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This screen contains all leads delivered to your lead buyers or clients.

Tip: You can access options on this screen from the main toolbar or use the Right Click function to view these options.

From this screen, you can view icons that tell you what is happening with your distributed leads:

  • Leads Sent - Leads that have been sent and accepted by your client

  • Leads Read - Leads sent to your clients and opened by clicking on the email link sent or opening the lead inside the client portal.

  • Leads Not Read - Leads delivered to your client; however, they have not clicked on the email link sent or opened the lead inside of the client portal

  • Leads Returned - Leads that your client has received from you but has chosen to return.

Tip: Hover your mouse over the icons for more information about the status of each lead

Your list of available options from this screen located on the main toolbar includes:

  • Open Lead - Opens the details of the selected lead

  • Open Client - Opens the client that received this particular lead

  • Export - This allows you to export all of your leads or a group of chosen leads

  • Call Details - If this lead has any call information, this will let you see all the details.

  • Calls - If this lead has a recording, you will be able to replay the recording as necessary.

    • Call Details - will provide you with more information about what happened with the call

    • Listen to Calls - If you accept inbound calls, you can listen to call recordings with this selection.

  • Filters - This screen allows you to choose from predetermined filters to view the information you desire; you can learn more about filters here.

Options Menu

  • Reassign - This button allows you to search for eligible clients for this lead and then reassign the lead. This function will provide all available clients based on Delivery Account, Order, Exclusive, and Price.

  • Reassign To - This allows you to reassign a lead to a specific buyer and bypasses your existing orders and distributions.

  • Resend - Resends the lead to the original client

  • Transfer - Allows the ability to transfer leads to buyers

  • Mark as Returned - This allows you to return the selected lead to your LeadExec account. You will need to confirm your selection. You will then provide a reason for the return for tracking purposes. Once you have provided the reason, the system will prompt you to see if you would like this lead returned to the Lead Source.

  • Mark as Accepted - Sometimes, a client's system will return a failed or rejected response, but they did receive the lead. This function allows a user to go in and update the leads as delivered for reporting purposes.

  • Update Price - This function allows you to change the price your buyer paid for a lead; you can also update a revenue share if you work with lead resellers.

  • View Request - Displays delivery request sent over to your client for each lead

  • View Response - Displays the response details that LeadExec received when the lead was delivered to your client.

  • View Note - You can view, add, or edit lead notes

  • View Send Details - This modal window will allow you to view all deliveries for your selected particular lead. You can drill down even further by selecting a delivery, enabling more options.

The available options are Logs, Process Diagram, Request, Response, Notes, Resend, Delete, and View Client.

Logs will allow you to view the processing time for this lead by each service in LeadExec, used to process this lead for delivery.

The Process Diagram will display a particular lead's path to its end destination in a visual format. This diagram helps understand the automated process that occurs for each lead delivery.

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